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Hich You Must Pay Each Year To Pay

CO payment: Another way of dividing the medical costs. They pay a flat fee, each mark if you a medical effort received (e.g., $5 for each visit to the doctor). The insurance company pays the remainder. Covered expenses: Most insurance plans, whether they are fee for service, HMOs or PPOs, do not pay for all services. Some cannot pay possibly for use up-requiring medicines. Others cannot pay possibly for spirit health care. Covered services are those medical procedures, which agree the insurer to pay for. They are registered in the policy.

Deductible: The money, which you must pay each year to pay in order to cover your expenses of the medical treatment, before your insurance policy begins. Exclusions: Specific conditions or circumstances, for which the policy does not make use available. HMO (health maintenance organization): Franked health plans. They pay the first-class and HMO monthly covers your doctors' Visits, hospitalizations, care of emergency, surgery, examinations, lab tests, X-ray and therapy. They must the doctors and the hospitals be used, those past be marked the HMO. Handled care: Ways, costs, to handle use and quality from the health system to. All HMOs and PPOs and many fee for service plans, handled care. Maximum Out OF pocket: Most money are you necessary wages one year for Deductibles and reinsurance.

It is an indicated dollar quantity, which is stopped by the insurance company, additionally to the current premiums. Not annulierbare policy: You can receive a policy the warranties insurance, as long as you pay the premium. Also a guaranteed replaceable policy is called. PPO (servicer organization preferred): A combination traditional fee for services and the HMO. If you use the doctors and the hospitals, who are a part of the PPO, you can have a larger part of your medical covered calculations. They can use other doctors, but at higher costs. Condition already existing: A health problem, which existed before the date your insurance, became effective. Premium: The quantity pays you or your employer against insurance cover. Basic supply physician: Normally your first contact for health care. This is frequently a family physician or an internalist, but some women use their gynaecologist. A basic supply doctor supervises your health and determines and treats small health problems and refers you to specialists, if another level of care is necessary. Servicer: Any person (doctor, nurse, dentist) or institute (hospital or hospital) the medical treatment makes available. From third source payers: Any payer for health care services differently than it. This can be an insurance company, a HMO, a PPO or the Federal Government.