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How to Prevent Childhood Obesity!

Author: Kevin J. Tracey

Up to one out of every fifth child in the United States is overweight or heavy with this figure increasing continually! There are many factors that are to blame for childhood fatness. In order to fix a problem with neprinol afd, one must understand the root cause behind it, look neprinol afd. Here are a few reasons that have led up to what is now a huge problem.

Reason # 1 - Junk Food! The amount of junk food children consume a day is shocking! Junk food is extremely high in calories and has little or no nutritional value whatsoever! Your child is essentially consuming empty calories.

Reason # 2 - Lack of Movement! Children have truly become lazy! Many kids would much prefer playing on their x-box or play station instead of actually going out and playing a game! Not only does this deprive your child of the goodness of fresh air and sun, it is making them stack up pounds! Children, who don't perform chores, help out in the house or play has a much higher chance of becoming obese than those kids who do chores, help out in the house and play games.

Reason # 3 - Hereditary/Hormonal! Sometimes obesity is the result of genetics and hormones.

The Consequences of Childhood Obesity? Your child may develop serious health issues if they remain overweight or obese. Repercussions of neglected obesity include the development of serious health conditions including; heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension. The immediate (and future) less visible consequences of childhood obesity include low self esteem, confidence issues and depression. How Can I Prevent/Cure Childhood Obesity? You can prevent/cure childhood obesity by concentrating on your child's eating as of now! Even if your child seems to be overweight to you, it's about time you take action before matters get out of hand. We are not saying deprive your child of food - we are saying keep a watchful eye on what they are eating! Moreover, if you have a strong family history of obesity, then you should make sure your kid's weight is appropriate, and he's eating right.

Explain to your child the dangers of obesity and the risk they pose to health. This may seem challenging but the truth is it must be done! Filter Your Grocery List There are certain items that just have to go off the list! These items include potato crisps, cookies, biscuits, carbonated drinks, sweetened juices. All of these foods have little or no nutritional value and will contribute to obesity. Start Healthy Eating At Home You can't expect your child to abstain from crisps and sodas if you aren't you need doing the same thing yourself! You need to be a good role model. Start preparing healthy meals for everyone at home.

Try to incorporate fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats like chicken and fish and a little bit of dairy! Allot A Certain Period Of Time For TV/Computer/Xbox/Wii/Play Station! Allot a certain period of time during the day during which your child is allowed to watch TV. This time period should not exceed more than 2 hours. Exceptions can be made - but as a general rule, 2 hours is more than enough. Children tend to gain excessive amounts of weight while sitting and doing any one of these activities. Moreover, mindless eating tends to occur the most when you are facing a luminous screen. Encourage Outdoor Activities.

Encourage the involvement of your child in physical activities like; basketball, football, swimming playing in the park so on and so forth! Healthy Snacking! Serve snacks that are healthy and nutritious! For example, you can make a low-fat yogurt dip and serve with celery, carrot and cucumber sticks. Instead of buying packaged/bottled juices which are filled with sugar and artificial coloring and flavor, prepare some fresh sugar-free juices at home! You should also make sure to give healthy lunch box for schools as well as inexpensive.

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